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About Amity Society of Freeport, Inc.

​Our History

Amity Society of Freeport, Inc.—founded in 1880 by Isabel Fry and Dr. H.D. Jenkins—is the oldest charitable organization in Freeport and one of the oldest children’s charities in the United States. 

Fry and Jenkins’ mission was to provide assistance to the poorest local families. For holidays, members distributed food baskets and provided gifts. Christmas dinner was prepared for needy families.

Over the years, Amity has evolved to serve our community. In the 1910s and 1920s, we added the Infant Welfare Station, the Orthopedic Clinic, Amity Visiting Nurses Association and the Well Child Clinic.

In the 1960s, Amity began the original Head Start program in Freeport and opened the Amity Day Care and Learning Center. 

The work of the Amity Society continues. As Freeport has grown, so has the number of families served by Amity.

The Society is justifiably proud of its continuing status as a private organization dealing with local needs on a personal level.  
Ashley Harms
Amity Society 
Executive Director
Early Childhood
Amity Society 
Board Of Directors

Your gift will make a difference to our children and our community

In 1995, the Amity Society established an Endowment Trust to ensure the longevity of Amity’s services.  An investment portfolio helps to generate interest income to support Amity's mission of providing quality services to our community.

There are various ways that you can help continue Amity's legacy ranging from a simple gift of cash to more complex gift arrangements that make use of trusts, wills or formal gift agreements.  Designations to specific programs are available at your request.  Your gift is a gift to our community as all funds stay in Freeport.

Please help us to continue this long standing tradition of providing care and services for children and families in our community.  Your gift and support are greatly appreciated.

phone:  815-233-0015

More than 120 years of service to Freeport and Stephenson County area.
Mark Gridley 

Kathy Eden
Past President

Jeff Cowman
Vice President

Ted Tomita

Andrea Moring

Beth Bowen

Julie Asche

Jessica Larson